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Informatica Training Santa Clara

Our Informatica Training Classes will help you master Data Integration concepts such as ETL and Data Mining using Informatica PowerCenter. It will also make you proficient in Advanced Transformations, Informatica Architecture, Data Migration, Performance Tuning, Installation & Configuration of Informatica PowerCenter which is a job oriented program in Santa Clara. Throughout our Informatica Training Course in Santa Clara, you will be working on real-life industry-based use cases with 100% practical approach and interactive online training.

Get Info on Informatica Training Material & Certification in Santa Clara! You arrived at the right place where you will get quality informatica training and certification program by industry experts. Achieve your learning goals with our informtica training in Santa Clara, get daily notes, course material, videos, certification assistance.

Attend real time projects included and interactive Informatica training in Santa Clara. We offer instructor-led online training classes in Santa Clara for Informatica.

Course Content

  • What is ETL (Extract Transform Load)? 
  • Types of ETL Products 
  • Why you need ETL Product?
  • Introduction to Informatica 
  • Design and Architecture of Informatica 
  • Different components of Informatica 
  • What are features of Informatic
Administrator Console of Informatica
  • Steps involved in getting the connection details 
  • Different components of the server 
  • How to create a node? 
  • How to create a domain? 
  • How to create a repository service? 
  • How to start a service? 
  • How to stop a service? 
  • How to configure the server in Informatica? 
  • How to configure the repository in Informatica? 
  • What are Informatica Objects? 
  • How to create users in Informatica? 
  • How to create groups and users in repository? 
  • How to assign privileges and access permissions?
Repository Service
  • What is Repository server? 
  • How to manage the repositories created? 
  • Backup and Restore facilities in Repository 
  • Ensuring the security constrains of repository 
  • Tasks to be performed by repository administrator 
  • General issues in repository and techniques to fix them
Informatica Designer
  • Introduction to Informatica Designer 
  • What are different types of tools available in Informatica Designer? 
  • Analyzing and Creating Sources 
  • How to generate a Structured Query Language (SQL)? 
  • How to execute a Structured Query Language (SQL)? 
  • What are targets? What are the different types of targets? 
  • How to create targets? 
  • What is transformations and how to create transformations? 
  • Variables 
  • Constants 
  • Dates 
  • Functions
Workflow Management
  • What is role of workflow manager? 
  • Introduction to workflow management 
  • What is Flat File? 
  • Introduction to Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) 
  • How to use external loaders? 
  • Different types of tasks managed by Workflow Manager 
  • How to create sessions and workflows? 
  • Configuring the server and assigning it to respective Workflows 
  • Monitoring the workflow 
  • How to use logs and session logs to monitor the workflow?
Reusable Objects
  • What are reusable objects? 
  • How to transform the reusable objects? 
  • Defining Worklets and Maplets
Advanced Informatica Topics
  • What is Versioning? 
  • Concept of Copying Objects 
  • How to import objects? 
  • How to export objects? 
  • What are the different groups of deployment? 
  • Collecting the data on the performance 
  • What are bottlenecks?

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