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Informatica training cost in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing cosmopolitan cities in the world with information technology and pharma technology growth. Informatica is one of the powerful Master Data Management tool with cloud computing technology. People are very much interested to learn informatica and companies are eagerly waiting to hire candidates who…

Informatica Interview Questions

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1. What is Lookup transformation? Lookup transformation is used to look up a source, source qualifier, or target in order to get relevant data. You can look up a ‘flat file’, ‘relational table’, ‘view’ or ‘synonym’. Lookup can be configured as Active or Passive as well as Connected or Unconnected…

Informatica Training In India

Informatica Training In India Today is the day of computers and technology. People are mainly thriving at a very high rate due to the advancement in the field of computers and technology. Websites and internet has made our lives very comfortable and easy. But apart from websites, data management software…

Advantages of Informatica ETL tool over Teradata

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First up, Informatica is a data integration tool, while Teradata is a MPP database with some scripting (BTEQ) and fast data movement (mLoad, FastLoad, Parallel Transporter, etc) capabilities. Informatica over Teradata  1) Metadata repository for the organization’s ETL ecosystem Informatica jobs (sessions) can be arranged logically into worklets and workflows…

Welcome to Informatica Online Training

Welcome to Informatica Online Training We offer the best in class online training under the guidance of exceptional instructors with experience and practical approach. Contact us for the best informatica online training.